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The Six Week Program

Here is the program that I taught at the four pilot facilities.

WORKSHOP 1 - Understanding the World of Alzheimer's
WORKSHOP 2 - Non Verbal Communication
WORKSHOP 3 - Verbal Communication
WORKSHOP 4 - Listening Skills
WORKSHOP 5 - Tools for Behaviors
WORKSHOP 6 - Tools for Caregiving

As you click on each Workshop you will see the outline that I used. This is exactly what I used from week to week. You need to use a format that you are comfortable with . From facility to facility the program changed as I experimented with different games, to fit the needs of all those who attended. I found several exercises that worked well to emphasize a certain point so I have included all of those in the outline.

The amount of time you have to teach each workshop will determine how many interactive teaching tools you use. Maybe, you only emphasize body language and facial expressions and use a few exercises in one staff meeting. Maybe you use the whole six week program. It is up to you.

Here are some of the ways I have used the program. I took portions of the the communication workshop sessions to present an overview on how to communicate to a person with Alzheimer's to a group of family caregivers. I've also condensed the program into six hours for a training with artists who wish to work with persons with dementia. I've done a one hour in-service on creative problem solving and brainstorming for an Alzheimer's Special Care unit. You can do the same. Pick bits and pieces and create what you need with it. But in order to do that you will need to be at least familiar with all of it.

Before each class I remind the class of this one thing:
Everyone with dementia is an individual and Alzheimer's disease affects each person with the disease individually.

Please email me with questions or comments and I will try and email you back ASAP.

HANDOUTS given at the beginning of a series on communication

The Importance of Good Communication Skills from Understanding Difficult Behaviors
by Robinson, Spencer and White

One page Evaluation Sheet (click for printable PDF)

ABC review (click for printable PDF)

Audio Visual equipment (click to view)

Terms used in program outlines (click to view)



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