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Above are characteristics of an excellent caregiver. They are also
qualities of an excellent improvisational performer. These worlds are
parallel. In The Moment uses and builds on these parallels. Employing
theater games with creativity exercises In The Moment provides
caregivers with the methods to become better at what they do.

To see the Parallels of Alzheimer's and Improvisation click here. Wait! Wait ! What is improvisation any way?! Well, find out click here.

...is an innovative and effective tool for teaching adult learners.

...can be used in it’s entirety or you may use only one exercise, an
hour of training, or an icebreaker to energize your existing training

...was developed after my surreal world of improvisation collided with
the very real world of Alzheimer's disease.

How to get the most from this site
Try everything. Give it a whirl. We learn from mistakes, actually that
is how most of the information on this web site was developed through
mistakes, errors and attempts.

We learn through experience and experiencing, and no one teaches anyone anything. This is as true for the infant moving from kicking to crawling to walking as it is for the scientist with his equations. If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he chooses to learn; and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach him everything it has to teach.
~ Viola Spolin, the First Lady of Improvisation


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