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In the Bag - Solo:

Ask each person to pick a bag. Ask them to not open it until it is their turn. Ask them to describe how the item relates to their personality or ask them how the item relates to their work.

In the Bag - Group:

For Trainers, Educators, and Facilitators:

Get your big group into smaller groups. Have them fill out an index card for a training they have to do in the next six months and put it in an empty bag. Then each group picks a card and a bag. Each group neds to brainstorm for the training session on the index card which uses the objects in the other bag or uses the object as a theme.

The point is not to come up with the perfect training - but to show you can be creative and come up with some new ideas. AND I have heard a lot of these brainstorms have been modified and used back at the facilities.

Example from a group of hospital educators:

Index card: Nutritional Training

Brown Bag item: Small set of tools, screwdriver, wrench

Idea: Theme your training around the tools you need for good nutrition, they talked about having a real tool box to bring out food and the nuts and bolts of nutrition.

For Purposeful Things To Do:

Have each smaller group pick a bag. Each group comes up with a purposeful to do from each object. It may be a discussion, cooking, personal care, etc.

Example from a group of in-service directors:

Brown Bag item: Apple

Ideas: Discussion about apples, sensory experience, baking...

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