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I've Never...But I'd Like to Someday



For this exercise, the entire group should form a circle and each

participant should be given three popsicle sticks. The first person begins by saying "I've Never (insert words), but I'd like to someday." Each person

in the group who HAS done that activity should through a stick into the middle. This continues around the circle as many times as necessary. The goal is for each person to run out of sticks. Examples:

I've never ___________, but I'd like to someday."

* Bungee jumped

* Make straight A's on a report card

* Rode a roller coaster

* Been to Disneyland

* Traveled outside the U.S.

* See the ocean

- You can stand in a straight line and have people take steps. - You can do it without the steps or sticks and just in a circle

A purely get to know , warm up to speaking in a group game

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I've Never...But I'd Like to Someday



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