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The Dementia Umbrella



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In the workshop explain what is dementia. A group of symptoms. Then open the umbrella and ask someone to come up and hold the umbrella as we go through each of the symptoms and a short explanation of each one.

I hand out the sheets with the Irreversible dementias to various workshop participants face down and ask them to come up when theirs is called.

One by one (saving Alzheimer's for last) I call them out and they hold the sheet with the irreversible dementia in front of them and stand under the umbrella.

I read the description of each dementia as they stand there. I may add other facts in such as famous people with the disease, age it tends to occur, etc..

" Do you see all of these diseases come under the umbrella of dementia."

Prop instructions: Take an umbrella (a lighter color works best) and write the symptoms of dementia on the umbrella. Alzheimerís Disease Vascular Dementia Parkinsonís Disease Huntingtonís Disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Pickís Disease Lewy Body Dementia I type the words above on seperate sheets of paper in largest font that will fit on the paper. I print each out on a seperate bright color of paper. I put each one in a plastic sleeve so I can use it again and again. * Look in the Program page under Workshop 1 for the PDF file of Symptoms of dementia and Irreversible dementias and apicture of the umbrella.

Sometimes I have made metaphors: Dementia is a general term lke furniture and Alzheimer's is the couch, Parkinson's is the recliner, etc.. Also make sure you briefly discuss reversible dementias I ask - if someone says " My aunt has dementia and sometimes Alzheimer's is that correct ? " What about " I have been told my Mom has Alzheimer's but not dementia "

I saw a wonderful trainer use a great overhead of an umbrella and the waterdrops were the symptoms and then she wrote in the diseases. I thought, " Wow, that is good. " But I wanted to make it more interactive so I decided to actually write on an umbrella and it has worked. The application of this exercise is very clear.

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