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What am I? (group)



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Break everyone into groups

with anywhere from 4-6 ? in a group.

Have enough index cards or slips of paper for each group.

On each index card write something that the group will have to all show you.

Each group draws an index card and you give them 3-5 minutess to figure out how to show what is on the card. They key is - they have to work together and they cannot talk when showing the rest of the group.

They have to think about how to make it clear for the rest of the attendees. When they show the rest of us what was on their card. I instruct them that when they are finished showing us to bow. We applaud and then I ask, "Does anyone NOT know exactly what they are trying to show us ? "

If there is someone then I have the group go to the side and think about how they can make it clear to the whole group.

They will ask you if they can make sounds or not . That is up to you. It actually can be pretty funny. Here are some examples of what I have used in the past: water octopus grass house flag sleep M&M's paper panythose

Good teamwork. You can see how each team works together and who emerges as the leader. Perspective. Needing to make sure what we do is clear to all.

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