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This is a story game where each person in the group tells part of the story by beginning with the words "Yes and...". The players form a line facing The leader. He or she picks a noun for the story to be about. Let's say, " A tree." The Leader says, "There is a tree..."The first player (designated as first by the leader) must begin by saying "Yes and.." then say something about the tree. For instance "Yes and this tree was as tall as the sky." The next person in line must say , "Yes and.." and add to what the first player said. It goes to the end of the line and begins again with the first.

Stay focused on the original noun. It is easy to go off on a tagent. "The tree was as as tall as the sky. Yes and the leaves were as large as manhole covers. Yes and my uncle fell into a manhole once. Yes and he was lost for days." This often happens and it takes the energy out of the game. At any point the leader can tell the players to return to the orginial topic of the story.

Does Yes And = Agree - Build ? Does Yes And = Validate - Redirect? Does Yes And = Understand - Help? How does it feel to say Yes and for someone else to say Yes to you ?

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