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Red Ball Thank You


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A circle game where focus and imagination are the only things to hold on to.

The players form a circle. The leader states the name of someone in the circle and says, " Red ball." The leader then throws an imaginary ball to the person who's name was called. That person catches the ball and calls another player's name and says,"Red ball". The ball is caught by this person. The "ball" is thrown around the circle this way for a short time. The leader then calls out a persons name and says "green ball." The green ball is thrown the same as the red ball. First calling a player's name and saying what color ball is being thrown. If you have a large enough group four or five different colored balls can be thrown around.

When dealing with the balls really pretend to catch and throw. This is done by giving them space and weight. Your hand should be open when you hold the ball and only close slightly when you catch it. When you catch it your hand should sink slightly because of the weight. Doing this will help in remembering the color of the ball. Weight and size of the balls can be played with.

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