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Players stand in pairs and give each other presents. To give a present, you just open your arms/hands to indicate you're holding something. Don't try to think about what you're holding, but give it to your companion.

Upon receiving the present, you give it a name, the first thing that comes to mind. You say something like 'Oh, thanks, a little dead bird'. You promptly ignore your present and return something else to your companion. This game works best if it's played fast, so players really don't have the time to preconceive. It's also nice and positive, as everybody is always extremely happy with their presents, no matter what they are.

If players complain they always receive the same present ("It's always a book") tell them this is quite ok

- they should be happy to receive so many books.

Great warm-up exercise that helps you blank your mind. Good for control freaks.

Opens up the mind for creativity work. Good foundation for work on problem solving and brainstorming. Getting use to accepting ideas and saying thank you.

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