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Group Mime



You will need a good amount of open space for this one.The players must form shapes using only there bodies. In the formation of these shapes they can not speak , touch or direct each other in any way. The leader may say, "Form the letter d." Then the players then form this letter using all the members of the group. No one can be excluded, but not all of their bodies need to be involved (i.e. if the players hit upon the notion of making the letter d out of their arms alone this is fine).

The temptation to communicate ideas to fellow players can be overwhelming in this game.Especial when the group is close to finishing or when a few have a clear idea of how to proceed and one or two don't see the pattern.This is where the game pays off with practice so do not let anyone cheat at that moment or the whole effort is pointless. The players should do one of two things to make this game easier.If they have an idea of how to construct the shape act on it in a energetic and clear manner. If they have no idea of what to do then look for someone who does.Watch what they do.Try and figure out what they are doing and help by adding yourself to the shape they start. Failure is an option in this game.Failure can show where and how communication breaks down on a fundamental level within the particular group.It is easy for this game to become personal.Do not let it.If one person does not work well in the group it is not an indication of a fault but more than likely of a difference perception.Discovering this is a good thing.Don't let it become a bad thing.After a success or failure get up, clap for the effort and talk about how the process went.Some might get angry or serious about the exercise going their way.Point out that the shape can't go any one persons way.If a person is very upset by the game it might be best for them to be the leader for a round.Let them decide what shape the group should form and when the group has succeed or not.They might try to violate the non-directing rules;don't let them.Letting those who get upset become the leader for a round sometimes gives the perspective to see it is only a game and not something to stress about. Some shapes to try. 2 dimensional:Letters,simple shapes(square diamond),arrow,equals sign,house,face,glasses,a logo, 3 dimensional:car,air plane,piano,tent,bridge,dinner setting.

How did it feel?If you just follow the guidelines how does it feel?When was it difficult?When was it easy?

Much of what we communicate comes from our body language.This game isolates that.Sometimes groups can get bogged down in verbal wrangling and not act when necessary.This game connects a group to a basic level of communication and smooths out the static of egos and outside emotional baggage.

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