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The players create the

machine by becoming each part. With thier whole bodies involved the players move in a mechanical manner and link up to form a giant machine. No discussion amongst the players before starting. The first player begins with a repetitive activity

and a repetitive noise. Next players add to the machine with an activity fitting into the previous player's activity. A "machine" is created by the time four or more are involved. The machine speeds up and slows down and stops. Certain

players can be asked to malfunction, and the whole machine must respond.

There is no leader in the creation of the machine. It is important that all

the players reflect the changes in each part of the machine.

Mirrors is a good game before playing a machine. Mirrors warms up the mind to body communication.Body communication is the primary skill developed with this exercise.

This exercise helps players work together in physical cooperation. The there is no value to disagreement in a machine. All communication is honest because there is no talking.

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