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Slow Row Mirror




Ice Breaker/Communication (nonverbal)/Teamwork

You'll need a few members of the group for this. Any number over 3 will do.

Instruct the volunteers to stand in a line, then give the volunteer at one

end a small, mundane task to mime. Making a sandwich, placing a letter in

an envelope, re-potting a plant, etc. The volunteer at the end should mime

this activity as slowly as they possibly can. The volunteer next in line,

in real time, will then attempt to copy the movements exactly, and likewise

down the row. Simply put, 1 will mime, 2 will copy 1, 3 will copy 2, 4 will

copy 3, etc. The volunteers further down the line must resist the urge to

peek at the initiator, but instead only watch the person next to them.

Continue until the initiator is finished. Switch if you like.

APPLICATION: The application here is similar to that of the straight mirror

exercise, but with the additional sense of team. If the group is focused,

the line will look much like the lights along an airport runway. It will

look impressive to the remaining group, re-enforcing the idea that teams can

do terrific things.

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