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The instructor should pick 3 or 4 volunteers from the group, then get a

suggestion for the title of a story that has never been written. The

volunteers will play the characters in the story while the instructor

narrates. If the instructor so chooses, the remaining group can be used for

sound effects. The narrator sets up the scene and lets the actors know what to do and when to speak through exposition. For example:

Narrator : "It was cold and windy when Bill arrived at the bus stop"

(one of the actors must choose to be Bill and enter the scene acting cold.)

Narrator: A short while later Tanya enter the Bus Shelter. Tanya was nervous and asked Bill,

(Here another actor must choose to be Tanya. She should act nervous and it is up to her what she is going to ask Bill.)

Tanya: Tell me this is the Bus to City Hall, please tell me it is!

Bill: Sure it is. It should be here soon.

Narrator: Bill was a liar. He would say anything she asked him to say....

The narrator leads the actors around the scene indicating what to pretend and when to speak. The actors can take control by speaking or doing something unexpectedly and the narrator must explain what the actor said or did.

Cooperation and listening are important for not just the volunteers but also the instructor which is a nice way to teach by example. After the scene, make the point that if any one of the components of the scene broke down, or if anyone decided not to listen and take part, the scene would have fallen flat. It is only by total communication and cooperation that the exercise is a success.

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