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Verbal Communication

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Ask for 2 volunteers.

I usually ask for a place/errand you need to go after work or a relationship works well. Instruct the pair to perform a scene with alternating lines, but before each of them speaks, they

must silently count to 5.

I usually sit on the floor and or the middle of the group where the pair may not see me but the rest of the class can and I count to 5 with my fingers. I also instruct the players as to think about what is the best response they can make to what the otehr person said.

Ask each of the volunteers how it felt. Was it hard to wait? Did they change their mind in the 5 seconds of what they were going to say ?

How many times, when we are spoken to, do we formulate a response before the other is done speaking? Too often this leads to miscommunication and a misreading of intent. We all need to slow down and pay attention to what people are saying to us.

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