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Bippity Bippity Bop



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The group forms a circle and one person is “it” in the center. “It” can make somebody else “It” in several ways. If “It” comes up to a person and says , “bippity bippity bop” then the person who is not “It” must say ,”Bop” before “It” says bop. The person on the outside does not need to say the “bippity bippity..” part, just the “Bop”. If Bop is not said in time then the person on the outside is now “It” in the center. If “It” says,”Bop” only and nothing else then the other person needs to be absolutely quiet. If they speak at all then they become “It”. Two other methods for escaping from the center are Elephant and Kamikasi. If “It” says,”Elephant” to a person she and the two people next to her need to form an elephant. The people on the sides pretend to make elephant ears with their arms and the person in the center creates the elephants trunk. The trunk is made by grabbing your nose and puting your other arm through the circle made by the first arm. “It” counts to ten while this is going on. If “It” can count coherntly to ten before the three can finish the elephant then who ever did not do their job must become “It”. Kamakasi works the same way. “It” says, “Kamakasi” and three have to form a kamakasi and two wings. The Kamakasi is done by making two O.K. signs with your hands. Point the O.K.s up toward the cealing. Put your middle fingers on the bend in your jaw and lift your elbows up so you are looking through the O.K.s , O.K.? That’s the Kamakasi. The wings are made by the people on the left and right lifting their left or right arms, respectivly. Again this must be done before “It” counts to ten.

If the person in the center becomes lethargic because he is "it" and bemoans this then it should be pointed out all the time spent complaining extends the time spent as "it". Trying all the options rapidly on various people improves one's chances of getting out of the center.

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