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Circle Story


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The group forms a circle. A member of the group suggests a title of a story that has yet to be written. Such as: The Laughing Crab. Then the group tells the story by each person in the circle speaking one word at a time. The challenge is to listen to what has been said very closely so your word will fit with the others and continue the story. It is important not to have any preconceptions as to where the story is going. There is no way for one person to control the story. Listening is also important to hear when a sentence has ended and a new one needs to begin. This continues until the group as a whole has ended the story.

Variation: You can also play this by having one person be the leader and points to whome will speak next. Then each person may say a few words or may say several sentences before the leader points to someone else. When the leader points to someone else the new person must pick up the story right where the last person left off.

This is a great exercise for a whole group to play together to think about listening to one another. It can be a springboard for a whole workshop on listening and the importance it has on a resepctful caregiver and care receiver relationship.

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