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Line Story


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A group of five or more form a line facing the rest of the group. The leader sits or crouches so the players can be seen. A suggestion for a title of the story is gotten from the audience (i.e. the rest of the group). The leader points at one person in the line. That person must start telling the story. When the leader points at another person in the line that person must continue the story. Not only must they continue the story but they must begin exactly where the other person left off mid word or mid-sentence. If the new person does not continue where they should they sit down. If a player keeps speaking after the leader points at a new person the player sits. If a player hesitates for two seconds before speaking they must sit. If the player makes no sense at all they must sit. The leader calls the players out just like they do in baseball. Leader ,”You’re out!” . Then everyone claps as the outted player sits. After each elimination a new chapter number is given to the story. The leader reminds all what chapter they are up to and what the title of the story is.

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