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Two or three people are chosen to do a scene. All speech must be in the form of commands. All commandments must be obeyed. All commandments must be obeyed in full and in the order in which they are commanded. You will play this game.

The actors in the scene must focus on verbs. Begining a sentence with a Verb will make the rest of the sentence a command. "Run over here." , "Make me a pancake." "Translate the Bible into Klingon!" The person given the command should throw themselves into the action compleatly. Try not to act as if the other person is being bossy. Being resentfull of the others in the scene will quickly devolve into a mean command contest i.e. "Lick my boots!" " Kiss my butt." We don't want to see this. If the scene begins with some type of emergency then that gives the actors plenty of excuses to give commands.

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