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ABC123 Circle


Group circle

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Everyone in a circle. One player starts by throwing an 'A' to another player.

That player throws as fast as possible a 'B' to someone else. And so on. Anyone in the circle can change it to 1-10. If you get to 10 then you go back to the alphabet.

When someone changes from number to alphabet or back to numbers you always start at 1 or A.

Variation: Let them play it the above way for them to get used to it and then let them know that if it changes from alphabet to numbers then when you want to change it back to alphabet or when you get the the number 10 , you must go back to the spot in the alphabet where the circle left off. For example: A--B--C--D--E--1--2--3--4--F--


* When I say " throw" that means by making eye contact. I have actully had participants mime throwing as they " threw" a word or gesture. I did that when it seemed to make it easier for them.

Talk about being in the moment. You have to be concentrating, listening and focused. Don't you want that in staff ?

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