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A What?!


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1. Have the workshoppers sit in a circle on the floor. The instructor will sit within the circle and before him will be many small objects.

2. He will pick up an object, a pencil for example, and while passing it to the person at his right, he will say "This is a pencil" The person will answer, "A What?" The instructor will answer "A pencil", and again the person will ask "A what?" and the instructor will again answer "A pencil." The person will answer "Oh, a

pencil." The person than turns to her right and the process continues; "This is a pencil", "A what?" "A pencil" "A what?" "A pencil" "Oh, a pencil!"

3. Practice this once so everyone can follow the pattern. Then start again, this time continually adding in objects so each person is carrying on two conversations at once. One person will say to the person on his right, "This is a pencil", then turning to his left he'll ask "A what?" and continues, passing on the next object.

4. Try to get the objects clear around the circle.

3 Times. You say it 3 times. It is much harder than it looks.

This is a great concentration, listening and thinking exercise.

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