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Form your group into a circle. Each person in the circle takes turns demonstrating a different and unique noise and gesture. Such as rubbing both elbows and saying “aruuuga”. Each unique noise and gesture is repeated around the circle until everyone is familiar with who’s noise and gestures are who’s. The game begins by the first person doing their noise and gesture and then one other person’s. The person who’s noise and gesture were done then does trier own again and someone else's and play continues in this manner. Players are eliminated if they don’t do their own noise and gesture first , do a noise or gesture incorrectly , wait too long (2 second count) before doing the required noise and gesture , or do the noise and gesture of someone who has been eliminated. Those who are eliminated sit down. At the end of the game there will be a stand off until only one remains.

Sometimes it is better to have the last two be the “winners”. A final two standoff can be either hilarious or a tedious test of endurance.

If people are stumped when creating a noise and gesture they can try and do the oposite of previous person.

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