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Some of Karen's other pursuits:

"Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh"

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Karen was funded to write and tour a show called " Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh" which is about Alzheimer's disease, caregiving, humor and stress. She performs the show with her husband and fellow actor Mondy Carter. It is educational as well as entertaining. She has written a book of
the same name, which is available for purchase.
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Comments about the book
"Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh":

"The book is a refreshing heads-up at what the world of dementia is really like. It is a reminder to join in that world and enjoy the lighter moments with the person and family. It is a gentle reminder to adjust your tolerance and patience level, enjoy the moment, and go with the flow---low, slow, and mellow. It is a stress-reducer and a spirits-raiser. It enables caregivers to understand a little bit more, to accept a little bit more, and to enjoy a little bit more. Every caregiver should read it!"

- Linda Beaudoin. RN

"This book sits at the corner of my desk all the time! It is the kind of book that I pick up as I'm going into a meeting, or planning a talk or presentation, to look for a "bridge" exercise, a story or information, or some pearl of Karen's that will make my point easier to remember, more real to my staff, or just more fun to learn! It is a must for managers who are helping others learn about dementia care! Thanks for sharing with us Karen."

- Beth Meyer-Arnold, RN "

Thank you for your book. I enjoyed it so much that I am buying 5 more copies to give to my friends."

- Family caregiver "

We stayed up all night and laughed and cried. We read the book all together. It is really great and thank you for writing it."

- Group at Alzheimer Association conference

We have what we seek, it is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us.
~ Thomas Merton

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