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Some of Karen's other pursuits:

The Best Medicine

Need a good laugh? You don’t? I think you do. Look at yourself. You need to laugh. Did you know laughter will make you live longer, better and make you taller? O.k. It’ll make you feel taller, and isn't that more important? Otherwise you’d need new clothes.
The Best Medicine is your ticket to a good time. Improvisational comedy that will take you out of your problems so you can have a good chuckle at ours. We can perform anywhere anytime for anyone except for the very tall.

Our Show is made to order. Need only 15 minutes of funny stuff before a keynote speaker? We can do it. Need an hour show for your conference? We can do it. Need a maritime drama about the medieval uses of leeches? We’ll need a lot of money, but we can do it.

See, the thing is The Best Medicine is a group of really talented improvisational comedians. So, the comedy comes from your suggestions and sensibilities. We make up stuff from what you give us. We can incorporate as much of you into the show as you like. We can include the stories, jargon and even people you work with into the show.

You need The Best Medicine. Go to the Contact Page and Contact us. Really. Now.

I did use the Yes And technique with the clients and it worked.
~ In the Moment Workshop Participant

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